AM primaclasse perfectly knows to ensure privacy of all parties and customers concerned engages to give safe this privacy by following American law disposition integrating countries disposition in this regard.
AM primaclasse official document explains company and personal data collecting method and document describe also data organization and application method. NOTIFICATION APPLICATION AM primaclasse should collect your personal data when you visit or consul official web site. It can collects directly asking you data by specific form into the page, or indirectly, as we explain before with our explication paragraph.
AM primaclasse will only use these personal or commercial data in accordance with law’s explication and with his own privacy statement and main Company must also safeguard all information collected. It’s an information note given also pursuant and to the effect of the article of Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) to everyone who visits AM primaclasse web page.
Please pay attention that the informative note is given ONLY for FVCINALUXURY.COM web site: this Privacy Statement is not valid for other parties or company linked to his official web site.
DATA PROCESSING AM primaclasse always processes personal data with the most appropriate method, to guarantee their protection, security and confidentiality in respect of law. If visitors will find uncorrect information or mistakes into official web page concerning their personal data, they must request correction by mail, by telephone or through the area sales office. In this particular case AM primaclasse assure to all customer to hold all data if they’re not correct and to use them only when they will be completely updated.

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