Made in Italy

From design to development, construction and manufacturing of products, EXS Ltd. collaborates exclusively with Italian artisans and small production companies.

Inherent in this declaration is our duty to ensure a product 100% Made in Italy (Veneto 90% and 10% divided between Lombardy, Emilia and Tuscany) regarding all production areas .

It is guaranteed, with regard to the raw material suppliers, that the leather used, whether or not exotic, is tanned in Italy following the strictest regulations in terms of environmental and health protection, with full-disclosure of documentation to confirm as such available.

Suppliers of metal accessories are also selected from within the country, ensuring 100% Italian (Veneto 100%) production, while developing and producing the hardware in full compliance with corporate guidelines, and enforcing labor and environmental laws in effect for all areas, including galvanizing.

• EXS Ltd.s’ company guideline is to develop its accessories from scratch. By collaborating with its designers using semi-precious and precious metals (brass, bronze, silver, and gold) and precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.), an added value is given to the product and sought after lines and forms are created.

• With regard to the zipper, the leading zipper manufacturer is a Japanese company, and although the brand results Japanese, the materials are supplied and assembled by its Italian branch.

The goods manufacturing of EXS Ltd is entrusted to area artisan workshops, employing exclusively Italian labor, strong in the tradition and continuation of the school of purely artisan leather-goods where manual skill and human capital come together, ensuring a high invoice product which reflects the indistinguishable value of “handmade” Made in Italy.

• In this regard, EXS Ltd emphasizes the difficulty in the development of certain products, such as wallets and other small leather goods, given the depletion of those small entities that dedicated themselves to these market niches, and consequently the loss of such mastery and skill much sought after today.

For all that acts as a kit, such as packaging, bags, labelling and the like, even this aspect is taken care of by local Italian companies, whom, even given the competitive market, continue to choose companies deemed Made in Italy, such as EXS Ltd, for the continuation of their business, finding such partners to be equitable and reliable, ensuring a climate of mutual cooperation and support.

As described above, by its own initiative and herein reiterated EXS Ltd., its team of collaborators and partners, together would like to emphasize their daily commitment, led by passion and desire, to guarantee a product ‘handmade’ and 100% Made in Italy;

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