FVCINA was a place where enlightened minds used to confront each other, creating and innovating.
Meeting in FVCINA of ideas, the great names of our Venetian lands gave way to greater forms of thought, of innovation and of beauty that are still admired to this day.
From Mantegna in Asolo, to Petrarca in Padua, to Giotto’s frescoes, to the Serenissima, the Venetian land has always seen evolution of its thinkers, such as Palladio, who expressed himself mostly in Vicenza.

FVCINA is a brand that proposes captivating products, often in limited editions, devoted to the art of offering precious gifts. The collections by FVCINA are skilfully marked by original ideas and by the search for the noblest materials and the most traditional processes. The beauty and elegance of handcrafted Italian leather accessories speak of tradition, quality and luxury. Craftsmanship and undisputed quality of the exotic leather used during the production have always characterized FVCINA’s collections: genuine python, crocodile, alligator, ostrich and ligator leather are used to create a wide range of handbags, belts, accessories and small leather items often combined with precious metals and gems.
FVCINA choose only the best luxury exotic leathers, which are sensuously soft and supple to touch, produced by selected Italian tanneries. Skilful craftsmen, practiced in their field, who choose style and refinement, qualities that are then transmitted to all the products they personally create with their own hands, transforming them into real masterpieces of fine craftsmanship.

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